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The city of Antalya stretches along the bay bearing its name, and is built at 39 meters altitude on a rocky coastline. One is immediately struck by the Taurus mountains rising to 3086 meters above this coastline, intersperesed withvalleys ofvarying sizes. Land and sea everywhere meet the beaches stretching for miles or the steep cliffs. The Taurus mountains against the blue backdrop of the sky, the precipices and especially the caves close to the sea add another dimension to the beauty of the region.

Small and large streams emerging from the west side of the Taurus water the plains on their journey to the Mediterranean. This translucent running water, cascading into the sea at points along the coast, is another attractive sight.

The summers are hot and rainless while the other months are warm and often rainy, with a mean annual temperature of 18.7 0C. On average there is no rain for 309.5 days a year. It is very rare for the temperature to drop below zero. During the last 40 years the highest recorded temperature was 44.6 0C. In Antalya the average humidty rate is 64%, whereas the seat temperatures are 17.6 0C in January, 18.0 0C in April, 27.7 0C in August and 24.5 0C in September.

The principal holiday resort of the Mediterranean is the lovely region of Antalya with a majestic coastline of beaches and rocky coves where the towering Toros Mountains provide a magnificent backdrop. Antalya is an attractive city, at an altitude of only 50 meters, with a prize-winning marina and a picturesque old quarter called Kaleigi which has norrow, winding streets and quaint, old, wooden houses next to the city walls.

SIDE 80 km from Antalya
Side is a resort town on the southern coast of Turkey, near the villages of Manavgat and Selimiye, 75 km from Antalya) in the province of Antalya. It is located on the eastern part of the Pamphylian coast, which lies about 20 km east of the mouth of the Eurymedon River. Settlers from Cyme (Cum®ans) in Aeolis, an ancient region of northwestern Asia Minor, founded the city in the 6th century BC. Possessing a good harbor for small-craft boats, Side's natural geography made it the most important place in Pamphylia - the region in the south of Asia Minor between Lycia and Cilicia, from the Mediterranean to Mount Taurus.

With its history dating back to the 6th century B.C., Side is one of the earliest settlements of the Anatolia region. Side (means pomegranate) served as an important harbor during the Hittite period and was a significant commercial town. Today it is a pretty resort town, very popular because of its ruins, sandy beaches, a variety of shops and comfortable tourist accommodation.

ASPENDOS 38 km from Side
A site which is dominated by the best- preserved theater of antiquity with seating for 15,000. The galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all reflect the ability of the Zenon. Close to the theatre, basilica and agora lie the remains of an aqua, one of the largest in Anatolia. Be sure to visit the Aspendos Jewellery Centre, where jewellery making can be observed at every stage.

PERGE 60 km from Side
Originally, a Hellenistic settlement, which later developed into a thriving Roman city, Perge is a historicist s delight. Situated only 18 km from Antalya in the Pamphylion plain, It has a long legacy (almost from 1500 B.C.) to narrate with its initial inhabitants being the Hittites. Its importance also lies in the fact that the ruins of the Roman city provides a very complete picture of the past, thus making it archaeologically invaluable.

All the streams of the region aim at finding their way into the Mediterranean and they pour down the slopes of the Tauros, sometimes overland sometimes underground and, reaching their destination, result in lovely waterfalls, of which there are more than twenty.The loveliest of these are the Duden Falls, 15 km. north ofAntalya, the Kursunlu Falls 18 km. along theAntalya-Alanya highwayand those of Manavgat 3 km. north of the town.

It is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. drinks at a restaurant with a view over Antalya Port magnificent Appollon Temple.
can be described as a fusion and refinement of You will also enjoy the seafood dinner with local or taste assorted Turkish food in Side nearby the

Afrodit Restaurant - City Center, Side
Kaleigi Marina Restaurant - Oldtown, Antalya
Antalya Balikevi - Lara, Antalya
Club Arma - Marina, Antalya